Your privacy highly matters to WARPFROG.

This is our privacy policy, please take a few seconds and have a glance at it.

Please check from time to time whether it has been updated.


We normally do not and will not collect or otherwise process any personal data (whether yours, or any other person’s), even when you purchase our game(s), play it or use any self-development kit, etc.

That means we do not know your name, physical address, IP address, geolocation, etc.

In other words and for the purpose of EU Regulation no.2016/679 on personal data (the “GDPR”) (or any similar legislation if you are located outside of the EU), WARPFROG is neither a controller, nor a processor in respect of your personal data.

However, your personal data (if any) may be collected and processed by the internet distribution platform wherefrom you purchase our game(s).

For any request concerning your personal data, please refer to the terms of service/sale of that internet distribution platform, which must provide you with the contact details of the relevant data protection officer(s).

WARPFROG has no control over and is not responsible for how your data is being processed by an internet platform.


We may decide to collect anonymized information from your play of our game(s).

We would use such information to analyze and improve our game(s) and support our internal operations.

Anonymized information means that it cannot be used to identify any particular player.


In the event that WARPFROG would happen to collect and process personal data with respect to you, the following rules would apply:

1/ Your consent would have to be expressly obtained.

2/ Such a collection and processing of your personal data would have to be necessary for WARPFROG to either sell you game(s) or provide you other WARPFROG services. Only that information which is strictly necessary for these purposes would be collected.

3/ WARPFROG is a French société par actions simplifiée with registered office at 4 rue Edith Piaf -Immeuble Asturia C – 44800 Saint-Herblain, France, registered with the Trade and Companies Registry of Nantes, France, under number 848 580 965; its legal representative is its Président (chief executive officer) and you may email him/her at

4/ WARPFROG would normally not transfer your personal data to any other person, unless if mandatorily requested to do so by a French authority duly entitled to make such a request.

5/ WARPFROG would generally not keep your personal data for more than five (5) years after collection (being the usual time during which civil liability suits may be initiated in France).

6/ You would have the right to request in writing (i) a list of the personal data held by WARPFROG with respect to you, the correction, deletion, limitation to the processing of, the portability/transferability of your personal data, and/or to oppose the processing of your data, or (ii) to lodge a claim in France with the French Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL /, or as the case may be with your local personal data protection agency. To that purpose we would recommend you to contact us via our website contact form at: